● Sound proof / wind&Dust proof/ Cold Air proof/ Hot
Air proof
● Light proof / Insect, Mildew and Fungus&Vermin
proof /Fire Labeled

● Features: An adjustable, automatic door bottom seal which is spring loaded to lift clear of the floor when the
door is opened. Operated automatically by pressure against the door stop on its adjusting screw and
incorporates concealed fixings. 

Location: Face mounted on the bottom of single or double butt-hinged doors.
Installation: Screw. Fixing holes are pre-slotted; screws and decoration cover strip are supplied.

● The sealing gap: 3-15 mm (012″- 0.6″)
● Finish: Silver or bronze anodized aluminium
● Seal: TPE in black color
● Available length: 380-1500mm (15″- 60″)


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